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06 November 2006 @ 02:06 am
50 Questions for BOUKENGER  
Yes, it's what you think it is. In a book released not long ago (month? Two months?), there were photos and profiles and interviews and episode summaries... Included was also a 50 question survey. Answers arranged by question.


Fifty Questions for BOUKENGER

Concerning Yourself

1. Do you have a nickname?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: My family calls me Mitsuomi, but my friends call me MITSU, Mitsuomi, or Taka.
Saitoh Yasuka: Yasuka.
Mikami Masashi: Mikkun, Masshi, Maashi, Mikki
Nakamura Chise: Chii-chan.
Suenaga Haruka: Haruka, Haru, Haa-chan, Haa-tan.
Deai Masayuki: Detsu, MAA-kun, Jii (when I was in high school, I was called "De-arin...") (sweatdrop)

2. Do you have any siblings?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: I have one older sister.
Saitoh Yasuka: I have a younger brother.
Mikami Masashi: Older brother.
Nakamura Chise: That's a secret. (laugh) (But I'm often told I'm like an only child.)
Suenaga Haruka: I have an older sister and a younger sister.
Deai Masayuki: Besides me, there are two younger brothers, so two plus me is three siblings.

3. What qualifications or licenses do you hold?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: 2nd dan in kendo, a license for the sale of residential and commercial real estate, driver's license, motorcycle license
Saitoh Yasuka: Motorcycle license. I don't remember what level these are, but skiing, swimming, English, kanji, camping, stuff like that.
Mikami Masashi: Driver's license, English, kanji.
Nakamura Chise: English level 3 (I passed it when I was in elementary school).
Suenaga Haruka: Regular (driver's) license.
Deai Masayuki: Regular (driver's) license, calligraphy level 6.

4. What clubs or circles have you belonged to?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: 3rd to 7th grade I was in baseball, 8th and 9th grade was basketball, 10th to 12th was kendo, and I played rugby in college.
Saitoh Yasuka: Kindergarten -> piano and violin. Elementary school -> swimming. In middle school -> tennis. In high school -> tennis and gymnastics.
Mikami Masashi: I played soccer in elementary school. I played badminton in middle school and tennis in high school.
Nakamura Chise: In elementary school I was in dodgeball and badminton. In middle school I was in brass band.
Suenaga Haruka: I haven't.
Deai Masayuki: In middle and high school I played volleyball. (I was only in the club for a year and a half in both schools.... (sweatdrop))

5. What musical instrument do you play?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: I don't.
Saitoh Yasuka: Piano, VIOLIN.
Mikami Masashi: I've played guitar since about 9th grade.
Nakamura Chise: Tenor sax (7th-8th grade), clarinet (8th-9th grade), and alto sax (swing girls).
Suenaga Haruka: I don't.
Deai Masayuki: Guitar (from my senior year of high school until I was 23). I don't play much now. I played the Japanese drums from third grade until I was about 20.

6. Do you have a pet?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: No, I don't.
Saitoh Yasuka: A black cat named Kuro. My friends call him stuff like "Jiji" and "Luna."
Mikami Masashi: I don't have one.
Nakamura Chise: My family has a SHITSU NAMED CHOCO. Male.
Suenaga Haruka: I have miniature Daschunds - Harbon and Rose.
Deai Masayuki: My family has a dog - a beagle. Its name is Cherrol. (sweatdrop)

7. What food do you like?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: Traditional Japanese.
Saitoh Yasuka: Chinese.
Mikami Masashi: Ramen, fried rice.
Nakamura Chise: Iced fruit, Chinese, Italian.
Suenaga Haruka: Shrimp.
Deai Masayuki: Yummy rice!!

8. What food do you dislike?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: Octupus with vinegared bits in.
Saitoh Yasuka: I don't. Although I'm not really fond of peppers.
Mikami Masashi: None! I'll eat anything.
Nakamura Chise: Broccoli (but I like cauliflower).
Suenaga Haruka: Green pepper and eggplant.
Deai Masayuki: CELERY!! And processed cheese.

9. What can you cook well?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: Tofu hamburgers.
Saitoh Yasuka: Pasta, I can make any kind! And desserts.
Mikami Masashi: Pasta.
Nakamura Chise: I can fry eggs. They look really pretty when I do them. (heart)
Suenaga Haruka: Meat dishes.
Deai Masayuki: Pork kimchee.

10. What movies or TV shows do you like?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: "Braveheart," "Watashi no Atama no Naka no Keshigomu"
Saitoh Yasuka: "Fifth Element," "Reisei to Jounetsu no Aida," "Romeo+Juliet." I like romantic stuff. I like philosophical stuff like "Matrix," too.
Mikami Masashi: "Stand By Me," "Little Dancer," "Rockers," stuff like that.
Nakamura Chise: "Watashi no Atama no Naka no Keshigomu"!! I can't watch it without crying!!
Suenaga Haruka: "Love song to an angel...."
Deai Masayuki: There are a lot of movies I like, "Shawshank Redemption" or "The Usual Suspects" or "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind", etc. As for TV shows, I like things like, "The Ugly Duckling" or "Kane ga Nai."

11. What books or comics do you like?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: Slam Dunk, (kanji I cannot read)
Saitoh Yasuka: Books -> philosophical stuff, stuff that makes you think. I read a lot. Manga -> "Air Gear," "NANA," that kind of thing.
Mikami Masashi: Murakami Haruka's "Hitsuji To Meguru Bouken," (kanji I cannot read)'s "Soko Ni Boku Wa Ita."
Nakamura Chise: Ishida (kanji I cannot read)'s books.
Suenaga Haruka: Takahashi (kanji I cannot read)'s type of books.
Deai Masayuki: I really like One Piece!!

12. What kind of music do you like?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: Western music, R&B
Saitoh Yasuka: Raccoon Coil, m-flo, hyde, L'arc en Ciel, Linkin Park, classics
Mikami Masashi: Western: The Offspring, Green Day. Japanese: Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Mr. Children, B-dash, Bump of Chicken, the Minus Sentai, locoflank, etc, etc.
Nakamura Chise: Mr. Children, Ohtsuka Ai-chan, LovePsychadelico
Suenaga Haruka: Reggae/R&B
Deai Masayuki: The Minus Sentai, Mr. Children, and they're sort of indies, but Shourai (kanji I cannot read)

13. What do you sing at karaoke?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: LUV&SOUL's "Hajimete no Chuu" (first kiss), R&B version
Saitoh Yasuka: Stuff like "ever green"....
Mikami Masashi: Mr. Children's "PADDLE."
Nakamura Chise: I can sing all of Ohtsuka Ai-chan's songs. I'm good at YUKI-chan, too.
Suenaga Haruka: Keyco's "Hare."
Deai Masayuki: "Pa-dara Weapon~ Koukai Suru ni wa Wakasugiru~"

14. What words or sayings do you like?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: Satisfaction and compromise impede progress.
Saitoh Yasuka: Flexibility (mental).
Mikami Masashi: If you're going to complete it, do it. There is no genius who can surpass effort.
Nakamura Chise: I don't have one.
Deai Masayuki: "There is no genius who can surpass effort!!" "One is not stopped by despair but by giving up." "One is not propelled by hope but by will."

15. What are you frightened of?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: Sharks.
Saitoh Yasuka: There really isn't anything. I'M NOT AFRAID OF DEATH, EITHER. (laugh)
Mikami Masashi: There isn't really anything.
Nakamura Chise: Earthquakes, bugs, my elementary school teachers, ghosts.
Suenaga Haruka: Bugs.
Deai Masayuki: Spiritual things.

16. Do you have a favorite phrase?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: "The passage of ~."
Saitoh Yasuka: Say Say!!
Mikami Masashi: No no no~
Nakamura Chise: There really isn't one.
Suenaga Haruka: Poppoi
Deai Masayuki: A festival jacket?!

17. What was your dream when you were a child?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: To run a zoo.
Saitoh Yasuka: Celebrity. (laugh)
Mikami Masashi: HERO.
Nakamura Chise: Stewardess or to run a cake shop.
Suenaga Haruka: To be a mother.
Deai Masayuki: I... wanted to be a firefighter. (sweatdrop)

18. When was your first love, and what was s/he like?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: A student in my year, during middle school.
Saitoh Yasuka: That's a secret.
Mikami Masashi: In kindergarten, a girl in my class.
Nakamura Chise: In elementary school, a boy in my class.
Suenaga Haruka: When I was five, a boy in my class; he was pretty dexterous.
Deai Masayuki: I was about 14 when I realized, "I'm in love!!" (The object of my affections was) TWO YEARS ABOVE ME.

19. What kind of person is your type?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: An ADULT woman who's fun to be with.
Saitoh Yasuka: Someone I can understand, someone feminine.
Mikami Masashi: I have a thing for gentle family-type girls.
Nakamura Chise: Someone WAY OLDER, who works hard and is gentle.
Suenaga Haruka: Someone funny.
Deai Masayuki: It changes all the time... but if I have to say, it's a person who can speak honestly. I think.... (sweatdrop)

20. At what moment have you thought, "I'm so glad to be alive"?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: The moments when I can perform as BoukenRed.
Saitoh Yasuka: When I'm with my friends.
Mikami Masashi: When I play BoukenBlue.
Nakamura Chise: When I laugh!
Suenaga Haruka: When I eat something delicious. When I sleep.
Deai Masayuki: When I perform, when I eat, when I talk about nothing in particular! Also the time right before I go to sleep on days that I've been able to work particularly hard.

21. What do you want the most?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: A car.
Saitoh Yasuka: Fanclub.
Mikami Masashi: iPod or digital camera. Mine both broke recently. (cries)
Nakamura Chise: A really tiny digital camera or a notebook computer.
Suenaga Haruka: Time to go for a drive.
Deai Masayuki: Time to talk to the other members. Time to sleep.

22. What's the most important thing in the world to you?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: Family.
Saitoh Yasuka: Soulmate.
Mikami Masashi: Family, friends.
Nakamura Chise: ?
Suenaga Haruka: Family.
Deai Masayuki: I can't pick just one. m(_ _)m Family, friends, Boukenger... There are a lot of important things.

23. Tell us a secret!

Takahashi Mitsuomi: I'm ambidextrous. I use my left hand for sports, and my right during everyday life.
Saitoh Yasuka: Actually... I'm a geek.
Mikami Masashi: I'm clumsy.
Nakamura Chise: I don't really have one, but a secret is a secret. <3
Suenaga Haruka: The truth is.... I'm self-conscious.... Perhaps!?
Deai Masayuki: I keep trying to save 500 yen coins, and then I compromise and have to start all over again. (laugh)

24. What do you think about yourself?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: Serious, not so good.
Saitoh Yasuka: SOUTA!!
Nakamura Chise: LITTLE DEVIL. (laugh)
Suenaga Haruka: HAPPY-GO-LUCKY!!
Deai Masayuki: I am concentrated.... maybe. (laugh)

25. What's your next goal?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: I want to become a better performer.
Saitoh Yasuka: Embodied -> to become the Saitoh Yasuka that everyone knows. Abstract -> I want to do voice acting for the Final Fantasy series. I want to go beyond my director's expectations.
Mikami Masashi: I want to be recognized as the Mikami Misashi who acts well. I'd like to do a one-man live performance in the style I've been practicing since high school.
Nakamura Chise: CD debut~ I want to act in dramas and movies, too.
Suenaga Haruka: I want to continue living in a way that I can accept.

Concerning Boukenger

26. What was the first thing you said after learning you'd passed the audition?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: I was out with my manager when I heard the results (of the audition). Since we were inside the restaurant, I replied, "Thank you very much" when my manager said, "Congratulations."
Saitoh Yasuka: I was in bed, so I'm sorry, but I went to sleep. (laugh)
Mikami Masashi: I was in my room when I got my manager's phone call. The first thing I said was, "RE-RE-REALLY?!#@$@#@!!!!" I didn't believe it and I was really thrilled, so I think my words degenerated to gibberish. (laugh)
Nakamura Chise: It was when I was doing some photography for Gravia. I said, "That's great!"
Suenaga Haruka: I was in the area. "Ah, yes."
Deai Masayuki: I was in the park across from the office. I said, "...what??"

27. What was your first impression of the character you play?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: I thought it was great that I would be able to play a character who would represent such a challenge.
Saitoh Yasuka: Yummy. (laugh)
Mikami Masashi: I'll become a new Blue as Mikami Masashi! I had that kind of enthusiasm.
Nakamura Chise: Seems easy enough.
Suenaga Haruka: I thought it would be a difficult role.
Deai Masayuki: What? He's not human? (sweatdrop)

28. What was your first impression of the other five?

Takahashi Mitsuomi:
-Saitoh Yasuka: Sulky, isn't he?
-Mikami Masashi: He talks a lot, huh?
-Nakamura Chise: Is she an idol? She's really cute.
-Suenaga Haruka: She looks like a straight(minded) person, great posture.

Saitoh Yasuka:
-Takahashi Mitsuomi: Athletic.
-Mikami Masashi: Easy to get to know.
-Nakamura Chise: A bit ditzy?
-Suenaga Haruka: The Oha Girl (laugh), I thought she was really pretty.
-Deai Masayuki: I hope he's easy to get along with...

Mikami Masashi:
-Takahashi Mitsuomi: He so looks like a Red. Even his cell phone is red! Okay, let's go talk to him. (laugh)
-Saitoh Yasuka: Hey, that's the same guy I saw right up to the end in another audition! He totally looked like he would pass. Okay, let's go talk to him. (laugh)
-Nakamura Chise: She was there! But it's just like her to pass. We're in another show together again, wow.
-Suenaga Haruka: Ah, it's Suenaga-san! I've seen her on TV and in movies! She's totally adult-looking.
-Deai Masayuki: Oh, he looks refreshingly manly. He totally fits the image of the sixth!

Nakamura Chise:
-Takahashi Mitsuomi: I'm sorry, I don't remember. I'm really sorry... (>_<)
-Saitoh Yasuka: He looks like a pretty boy from a manga.
-Mikami Masashi: His skin is really pale!
-Suenaga Haruka: Uwaaaaa! It's Suenaga Haruka-chan!!!
-Deai Masayuki: A gal-boy....? He looks like he'll be popular.

Suenaga Haruka:
-Takahashi Mitsuomi: I thought he looked really athletic.
-Saitoh Yasuka: Skinny!!!!!
-Mikami Masashi: He looks like a serious person.
-Nakamura Chise: Mysterious.
-Deai Masayuki: He looks easy to talk to.

Deai Masayuki:
-Takahashi Mitsuomi: He's really quiet. (sweatdrop)
-Saitoh Yasuka: Young!!
-Mikami Masashi: Kind of humble, but he has a refreshing smile. (sweatdrop)
-Nakamura Chise: Young!!
-Suenaga Haruka: Young!!

29. What were your first lines and scene?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: In the first episode when Black betrayed (the team), and I said, "This is more than just talk, Inou Masumi!"
Saitoh Yasuka: Last scene of the second episode.
Mikami Masashi: In the first episode, the scene when Gajah revived the Gordom, I snuck a glance at Sakura-san and said, "What's going on?"
Nakamura Chise: In the first episode, when I slipped and said, "Kyaaaa!!"
Suenaga Haruka: In the first episode, with the Gordom. "Mission completed."
Deai Masayuki: The 17th episode - "WAIT!!"

30. At what moment did you really feel you'd grasped your character?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: Rather than saying I've grasped the character, he's a lot like me!! There's a little feeling of "(WHAT I HAVE) NOW IS GOOD."
Saitoh Yasuka: Third episode.
Mikami Masashi: I haven't had that moment. (laugh)
Nakamura Chise: I haven't.
Suenaga Haruka: I haven't yet felt that I've completely grasped the character. It's something that I'll be working on right up until the end.
Deai Masayuki: I haven't. (sweatdrop) I don't think I ever will.

31. Which episode is your favorite?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: 17 and 18, when Ragi and Magi appeared. The guy who played Ragi really put his heart into it, and that influenced me to get really enthusiastic on location.
Saitoh Yasuka: Third, because it was the first time I really managed to do a Masumi-like scene.
Mikami Masashi: The eighth episode, about Atlantis. I played the false Souta and the real Souta, so it was a chance for me to grow a little.
Nakamura Chise: Eighth episode -> I felt I was able to really be Natsuki-like. Fourteenth episode -> Because it was really terrible! I got cake in the face and everything.
Suenaga Haruka: SOUTA'S SMILE in the third episode was great. In the sixth episode, Sakura and Natsuki's teamwork was really good.
Deai Masayuki: I liked episode 20, because Eiji was able to communicate with the others for the first time!!

32. What scene made you worry the most?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: The scene in the infirmary in episode 19. I didn't feel like I was able to follow the director's instructions, and we did I don't know how many takes.
Saitoh Yasuka: It would have to be the "Because you were cute!!" scene. (Masumi) isn't in love with Natsuki, but we did a very emotional scene even though it might be misunderstood that way.
Mikami Masashi: The scene in episode 3 when Souta explains to the company president why he's BoukenBlue. It was a scene with deep meaning, so I practiced it many times. Then there was the scene in episode 13 when I had to wink at Selene.
Nakamura Chise: (No answer.)
Suenaga Haruka: I always worry about the last scene. We always finish with a friendly and fun scene, but I don't know how much Sakura should get into it..... I'd like to show you many many aspects of Sakura.
Deai Masayuki: During the dubbing, in the 20th episode, when Eiji saw his mother. I just could not say the lines while looking at the film. (sweatdrop)

33. Which scene did you want to do the least?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: The Seiki scene in episode 19. It was really difficult, and a lot of thought went into it.
Saitoh Yasuka: Same as above.
Mikami Masashi: The Fake Souta vs. Real Souta in episode 8.
Nakamura Chise: (No answer.)
Suenaga Haruka: Everything we film in the water....
Deai Masayuki: All of it! I'm sorry. m(_ _)m

34. What was your biggest failure?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: In the first episode, I was way too nervous, and all I could hear was the clicking sound, and only I screwed up.
Saitoh Yasuka: When Mike (name I can't read) was a guest, the scene where we were running around a lot, and I couldn't get my lines right, and I kept making this weird face. I got the OK on location, so I didn't realize it until we did the dubbing afterwards. (laugh)
Mikami Masashi: During filming for the DX Bouken Driver DVD, there was a bit where I was supposed to spin the Accellular and stop suddenly, but I didn't know if I could get the form well, and it really didn't go well, and we had to do I don't know how many takes.
Nakamura Chise: When I was depressed, and I couldn't do anything.
Suenaga Haruka: My body never moves the way I want it to. I always find something and am constantly self-reflecting.
Deai Masayuki: In the first scene I filmed, I had to run out and shout, "Wait!" But when I was supposed to stop, I SLIPPED like I'd stepped on A BANANA PEEL!!

35. Have you ever cried off-screen?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: No.
Saitoh Yasuka: No.
Mikami Masashi: I haven't.
Nakamura Chise: When I had a bitter time, and I LOOKED BEHIND ME and no one noticed.
Suenaga Haruka: I haven't.
Deai Masayuki: No!!

36. Which of your own lines is your favorite?

Saitoh Yasuka: "I'm not a thief, I'm a treasure hunter!!", smile version.
Mikami Masashi: Thrills or excitement for my own sake alone are worthless; I realized that when I compared them to adventures that left everyone smiling. ~ BoukenBlue - This is the road I've chosen.
Nakamura Chise: No amusement park, no candy, poor poor Natsuki....
Suenaga Haruka: I don't do reckless adventures.
Deai Masayuki: "Gai!!!" and "Because I want to have adventures with them!!"

37. Which line gave you the most trouble?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: All members move out!!
Saitoh Yasuka: In the first episode, the betrayal scene, there was a really really long one. It wasn't that bad, but I have to say something here...
Mikami Masashi: I can't really think of any at the moment.
Nakamura Chise: "Ah! What's the hazard level?" I couldn't say "hazard level." (laugh)
Suenaga Haruka: SGS Museum.
Deai Masayuki: "Mabayuki Boukensha BoukenSilver, GoGo Changer Start Up!"

38. Which scene do you remember the most vividly?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: The scene with Masumi, when all I could hear was the click, and I messed up. That really is the one I remember the most.
Saitoh Yasuka: The third episode, in the company president's office.
Mikami Masashi: In the second episode when the dragon flies. In the middle of the freezing winter when even the water in the plastic bottles was frozen and we had to shoot at the dragon. We cranked in too far, so I totally remember it.
Nakamura Chise: It would have to be the second episode, when we were in the water. The strongest!!
Suenaga Haruka: The 12th episode, with the guns. Because of the weight of the guns, I kept making mistakes.
Deai Masayuki: In the 17th episode, running from Gai and Hyouga, which was the first scene I shot. (sweatdrop)

39. At what point were you the happiest?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: The time one of the staff members told me, although I hadn't noticed it, "YOUR ACTING'S GOTTEN GOOD."
Saitoh Yasuka: When everyone suddenly celebrated the day before my birthday.
Mikami Masashi: The time I started to play Mogami Souta (the crank-in day).
Nakamura Chise: When we were filming during the set construction, and we were suspended in midair, flying through the sky.
Suenaga Haruka: Even though I couldn't swim to begin with, I learned a little.
Deai Masayuki: The first time I transformed.

40. When were you the most moved?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: My birthday! I received gifts from the staff and the other Bouken members.
Saitoh Yasuka: Same as above.
Mikami Masashi: From the time I got the part, I kept asking if we could have Souta play the guitar. But just when I thought it wouldn't work out, in the 8th episode, I got to do it. And then they told me I COULD COMPOSE THE MUSIC. It still moves me. (cries)
Nakamura Chise: During the events, when I HEAR THE CHILDREN'S VOICES.
Suenaga Haruka: After the swimming scene was over, I was praised by the director.
Deai Masayuki: The first time all six transformed together.

41. At which point was your suggestion taken?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: This performance is something that we're always improving within ourselves, so we're allowed to go our own way with it a lot.
Saitoh Yasuka: We discuss it all the time, but the most was at the "Because you were cute!!" scene.
Mikami Masashi: The guitar-playing scene.
Nakamura Chise: Usually we perform the way we think best.
Suenaga Haruka: There's a balance between what I think and what the director thinks, and with that we create the character.
Deai Masayuki: I don't really remember. I'm sorry. m(_ _)m

42. Please share a memory of your performance!

Takahashi Mitsuomi: While we were waiting for filming to start, (name-I-cannot-read) gave me one-on-one lessons in action scenes.
Saitoh Yasuka: The first day of filming, we were in the pool, freezing.
Mikami Masashi: The crank-in day we filmed in the ocean. It was still winter, and it was dark, so it was really cold. When we put on the wetsuits, we all gave each other fighting spirit. It was a lot of fun.
Nakamura Chise: CLIFFS, and swimsuit....
Suenaga Haruka: Before the scene in the water, I was TERRIFIED because I CAN'T SWIM, and during the break time I PRACTICED. The director saw how much effort I was putting into it and cut the length of the water scenes for me.
Deai Masayuki: We decided the transformation poses of all six! That's the first.

43. One word about your character.

Takahashi Mitsuomi: Chief.
Saitoh Yasuka: He can always do something.
Mikami Masashi: Competent.
Nakamura Chise: Natural!!
Suenaga Haruka: Incompetent.
Deai Masayuki: Acknowledged as student body president. (laugh)

44. What do you think is the dark side or background to your character?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: He's had the shock of losing his friends in the past. I think he's been through another shock as well. Maybe it concerns his mother, maybe it concerns him.
Saitoh Yasuka: "The truth is, the leader of the band Yami no Yaiba killed was Masumi's father" or "The truth is, there's a deeper relationship with Yami no Yaiba (like his father or something)" or "The truth is, he killed Natsuki's parents.......", etc, etc.
Mikami Masashi: When he was a spy and only living for his own thrills and excitement, he hurt a lot of people. When he realized this, it was painful. At that point, THE FIRST PERSON HE WANTED TO TRUST was the Chief.
Nakamura Chise: About her past, she says she doesn't care, but she does.
Suenaga Haruka: Although she appears to be competent, in reality she's always aware of her own faults. She's a very human character. Sometimes she tries too hard.
Deai Masayuki: Since he was too strong-willed, he didn't have friends.

45. What does your character think of the other five?

Takahashi Mitsuomi:
-Inou Masumi: Among the Bouken members, he looks cool but has a burning heart. If there's something with one of the members, particularly Natsuki, he reacts very strongly. He's the most confrontational of the Boukengers.
-Mogami Souta: He's the coolest normally, the brain of the Boukengers. He collects a lot of information that I (Akashi) don't, and he can be trusted with a lot. Since he's got a history as a spy, you wouldn't think he could be trusted, but he can actually be trusted with the most.
-Mamiya Natsuki: She's forgotten her own past, so the Natsuki of now has only had this short time to grow. Her gentle heart, the place that children are most attracted to, is Natsuki's good point. She's very much needed on the Boukenger team.
-Nishihori Sakura: She has a different type of coolness than Souta, very rational in a fight. She, how do I say this, controls Akashi's engine. She's also the one who worries the most about the other members.
-Takaoka Eiji: He does what he likes. His emotions are on the surface; he's not after the Precious, he's still focused on the Ashu. But he got a gentle heart somewhere, and doesn't want to involve the other members in his fight.

Saitoh Yasuka:
-Akashi Satoru: He doesn't want to acknowledge him, but he has, as a rival. He might admit privately that Akashi is his superior.
-Mogami Souta: He likes girls. When it's time to act, he does, but he's only really serious around Natsuki.
-Mamiya Natsuki: (Masumi) protects her like a daughter.
-Nishihori Sakura: JUST CARE A LITTLE MORE (laugh) I don't know what she's thinking.
-Takaoka Eiji: The elite thing doesn't fit him.... But he doesn't like being looked down on.

Mikami Masashi:
-Akashi Satoru: The Chief whom we can trust and rely on.
-Inou Masumi: The impudent but likable little brother.
-Mamiya Natsuki: The very mysterious-chan little sister
-Nishihori Sakura: The hard-working, serious, and cool older sister
-Takaoka Eiji: The friend who goes his own way.

Nakamura Chise:
-Akashi Satoru: The older brother she can count on.
-Inou Masumi: Real older brother.
-Mogami Souta: Gentle older brother.
-Nishihori Sakura: The older sister she respects.
-Takaoka Eiji: The older brother who is like a friend.

Suenaga Haruka:
-Akashi Satoru: She trusts him. But because he's sometimes rash, she helps him.
-Inou Masumi: She, how do I say this, completely acknowledges him. Mostly because, again, how do I say this, even if she leaves him alone completely he'll always manage to do something.
-Mogami Souta: That meaning... In her heart she maybe thinks of him as a partner?!
-Mamiya Natsuki: She's got a lot of different aspects, so maybe (Sakura) is a little jealous.
-Takaoka Eiji: She's worried a little, but there's nothing for it. He's pretty straight-minded, so like Natsuki, maybe she's a little jealous?!

Deai Masayuki:
-Akashi Satoru: He's completely uncompromising, isn't he. (sweatdrop)
-Inou Masumi: Is he really thinking of others.... (sweatdrop)
-Mogami Souta: He's pretty refreshing. (laugh)
-Mamiya Natsuki: She's not nervous enough... (sweatdrop)
-Nishihori Sakura: Hard... She's not going to listen until she melts. (laugh)

46. If you were to play someone else, who would it be?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: Yami no Yaiba
Saitoh Yasuka: Yami no Yaiba
Mikami Masashi: Gajah.
Nakamura Chise: Kaze no Shizuka! Because she's cute. (heart)
Suenaga Haruka: Kazue no Shizuka. I want to try on her outfit. (laugh)
Deai Masayuki: SOUTA or GAI.

47. What kind of script would you like to see in the future?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: One where the Bouken members have a misunderstanding and the group comes apart.
Saitoh Yasuka: Masumi leaves the Boukengers and FALLS INTO DARKNESS. Or something.
Mikami Masashi: I'd like to see a story including a mission using the skills (Souta) gained as a spy.
Nakamura Chise: Uuum? I'll leave that up to the writers.
Suenaga Haruka: I want to be able to laugh with everyone in the base, and in the last episode leave everyone with a good feeling that we'll never change.
Deai Masayuki: I really want to talk to the members one on one. I sort of want to be acknowledged... A really heated conversation or a FIGHT would be good, too...

48. What do you think of the other five now?

Takahashi Mitsuomi:
-Saitoh Yasuka: He has a gentle heart, but he also has obstacles at various locations.
-Mikami Masashi: He's very polite, and he's good at dealing with people.
-Nakamura Chise: She's not just cute, she has a strong instinct to avoid losing. She has the parts of a strong woman.
-Suenaga Haruka: She wears a mask of common sense, and sometimes she can't take it off.
-Deai Masayuki: He likes to get people to have fun, and he's really enthusiastic about things involving his dreams (ambitions), like acting.

Saitoh Yasuka:
-Takahashi Mitsuomi: Athletic, he's someone who'd fit in any time.
-Mikami Masashi: He likes ditzy girls. (laugh) He's easy to get to know, fun to be around.
-Nakamura Chise: She's like a little sister.
-Suenaga Haruka: Easy to get to know, fun to be around.
-Deai Masayuki: Reliable and older, like a big brother

Mikami Masashi:
-Takahashi Mitsuomi: Serious, works very hard
-Saitoh Yasuka: Singleminded, gentle
-Nakamura Chise: Energetic and goes her own pace.
-Suenaga Haruka: She works hard, and is very adult.
-Deai Masayuki: Funny, bright

Nakamura Chise:
-Takahashi Mitsuomi: Serious and athletic.
-Saitoh Yasuka: He does what he likes.
-Mikami Masashi: He works as hard as he can.
-Suenaga Haruka: Special and playful.
-Deai Masayuki: He's the moodmaker, he likes to make us laugh.

Suenaga Haruka:
-Takahashi Mitsuomi: He works very hard, that is to say he's a powerful person. Fight!
-Saitoh Yasuka: He does what he likes. He's very relaxed (even when we're with him).
-Mikami Masashi: Even more than when I first met him, I think he looks forward. He has a lot of guts and strength!!
-Nakamura Chise: SWEET YOUNG MASTER. (heart)
-Deai Masayuki: Fun. He doesn't open up. But I'm encouraged by his humor. Ow... (laugh)

Deai Masayuki:
-Takahashi Mitsuomi: He resembles the Chief in a lot of ways. (laugh) He's got a lot of enthusiasm....
-Saitoh Yasuka: He does what he likes! He's very selfwilled.
-Mikami Masashi: Hasn't changed - he has a really refreshing smile.
-Nakamura Chise: She does what she likes. Sometimes she's a little mysterious. (laugh)
-Suenaga Haruka: She really works hard, you'd never think she was only 19. And she's funny. (laugh)

49. What is GoGo Sentai Boukenger to you?

Takahashi Mitsuomi: Heroes to the children of today, heroes to the children of the past. A CHALLENGE TO ME. They're both.
Saitoh Yasuka: Chance.
Nakamura Chise: Now, it is something that Nakamura Chise occupies 90% of!
Suenaga Haruka: Precious.... (sparkle)
Deai Masayuki: Something that melds "my dream" and "everyone's dream"!!

50. Say something to the fans!

Takahashi Mitsuomi: Boukenger is about halfway over, and I think everyone knows and understands the members. Now that BoukenSilver has joined us, we're going to be able to power up. Please enjoy (Boukenger) even more than you have already. Please cheer for us.
Saitoh Yasuka: Let's meet at the Sky Theater or an event.
Mikami Masashi: Thank you so much for cheering for Boukenger! We're going to do our best with all our strength from now on as well, so please continue to take care of us. I'll continue to warmly protect you.
Nakamura Chise: If you miss even one episode, I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU. (laugh)
Suenaga Haruka: Please continue to cheer for us from now on as well. We'll work hard so that the memories of this work remain in your hearts and in ours as a Precious forever....
Deai Masayuki: As it's the 30th Super Sentai series, we'll work hard to make it the best! Please enjoy it!

There are bits during the anecdotes, etc, that I'm not entirely sure on. ^^; Sorry about that.

I'm also working on the interviews. Slowly. ^^;
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